Posted Jan 15, 2018 1:27:04 PM

Auxesia is continuing its support of the Isle of Man’s highest-ranking male tennis player, Billy Harris.

The Douglas-based firm has sponsored Billy since 2012, each year providing him with £4,000 towards the costs involved in professional tennis.

Billy, 22 from Castletown, has been travelling across Europe during 2017 to get in as much practice and play as many matches as possible, after an enforced time-out from injury in 2016. He has competed in multiple professional circuits, most recently the ATP World Tour in Greece.

Stuart Colligon, Director at Auxesia, said: ‘We continue to be in awe of Billy and how far he has come since 2012. It is such a feat to transition from being the Island’s highest-ranking male tennis player to a player with a world ranking and he should be very proud of this achievement.

‘He works incredibly hard, and his commitment to succeed is remarkable. No matter what is thrown at him he is still as focused as ever and ready to do what it takes to get to where he wants to be. It is a pleasure supporting him, and providing the helping hand he needs to reach his potential.’

Billy said: ‘I am enormously grateful to Stuart and the team at Auxesia for their support over the past five years. Their funding has been so beneficial, allowing me to focus on my training programme.

‘I am at an exciting point in my career, and I am very lucky to have such a strong support network behind me that believes in my ability, and is so eager for me to succeed.’

Auxesia is passionate about helping talented individuals reach their potential, in the same way it is passionate about helping business leaders succeed. It supports and mentors businesses throughout all stages of development, using its panel of experts to identify and implement small changes, and helping its clients to grow and flourish.

 Billy Harris sponsored by Auxesia