Posted Mar 8, 2018 4:40:44 PM

Douglas-based firm Auxesia is once again sponsoring Ballacottier School’s Zumba scheme designed to get pupils active at the start of each day.

The schoolchildren, aged between four and 11, along with teachers, arrive early each day to spend 15 minutes in the sports hall taking part in the fun, aerobic workout.

The routines are created and led by Year 6 students who have been trained by two qualified fitness instructors, who came into the school to teach the pupils a range of high-intensity movements that can easily be incorporated into the routines.

Auxesia has supplied the school with a range of brightly coloured, personalised t-shirts to wear during the sessions, influenced by the scheme’s slogan, Love, Live, Be Active, also created by Year 6 students.

David Partington, teacher at Ballacottier School said: ‘Our Zumba sessions are a fantastic addition to the school day, getting the kids’ bodies and brains active before settling down to begin their classes. We wanted to introduce something that got the kids moving, was enjoyable and could go ahead regardless of the weather – and I think we managed to hit the nail on the head with Zumba!

‘I would like to say a big thank you to Auxesia for the continued support of this scheme – without their help it just wouldn’t be possible for it to go ahead each morning.’

Belinda Watson, Finance Director at Auxesia, said: ‘We are delighted to once again sponsor Ballacottier School’s Zumba scheme, which is a brilliant initiative to get the schoolchildren exercising at the start of the day! It is so important to teach young people the importance of being active, so we are very happy to be involved.’

Auxesia is a keen supporter of the local community and is passionate about helping businesses and individuals meet their potential.

Stuart left and Belinda right with children from Ballacottier

Stuart (left) and Belinda (right) with children from Ballacottier