Meet our experts - Robin Moore

Posted Sep 5, 2019 12:37:15 PM

At Auxesia, instead of taking a ‘jack of all trades, master of none’ approach we have a panel of experts who have high levels of experience in different areas.

Meet Robin Moore, our expert in Finance and Business Modelling – with almost 30 years experience.

What was your first job?

A Saturday job as a 15 year old working in a supermarket. It made me realise the importance of giving customers what they want. On leaving school I joined British Gas as a trainee accountant, qualifying into a career path that led to senior accounting roles within the organisation.

What did you want to be when you were at school?

Not very original, a professional footballer, I never made it beyond the school’s second team, but I did enjoy being part of a team.

What qualities do you have that have made you a successful accountant?

1 -  Organisation - to be a good accountant you need to have a system to keep track of your responsibilities – such as the transactions you handle, and any important dates and deadlines you need to meet.

2 - Time Management - the ability to work within deadlines and to continually re-prioritise your to-do list, ensures you keep productive. This will endure that your stress level is kept to the minimum.

3 - Adaptability  - embrace change – learn to make the most of every challenge that your work throws your way.

4 - Communication - being able to communicate well in writing and in person will help you work as a member of a team and interact with clients.

5 - Openness - honesty and integrity are highly valued. Being transparent when making decisions and giving advice is key to good working relationships with colleagues and clients.

6 - Leadership - being a good leader means knowing how to mentor and teach, and making yourself approachable and available to the people you’re responsible for. Also, leadership skills include strategic thinking and long-term planning for the business.

What 3 things do you believe makes a successful business?

1 - Find and keep the right employees - attracting and retaining the right employees is one of the most important things you can do.  Most successful businesses strive to employ quality staff and create a culture that keeps them for the long term.

2 - Focus on customer service - it is a fact that intended orders can get cancelled due to poor customer service. It is also acknowledged that it takes several positive customer service experiences to make up for one bad experience.

3 - Keep track of your business costs - all business costs from office stationery to rent always seem to be on the increase, so keeping expenses under control is a crucial task. Review your expenses regularly, always look for ways of reducing expenses and don’t be afraid to involve your employees in the process.

Where in the world would you like to visit and why?

Zimbabwe. My wife spent part of childhood living there and despite it’s political, economic and social woes, its natural beauty is largely unspoilt and following the the footsteps of Dr Livingstone along the Zambezi to the Victoria Falls would be a wonderful adventure.

Who or what has made a lasting impression on you?

Recently while in Papua New Guinea I met a 16 year old who was the first person in their family and tribe to go to school. Their journey was a daily 30 mile around trip by river canoe. Their enthusiasm and determination was striking and their ambition was to complete their schooling, go to university in Australia and return home and teach. Education is something we take for granted, and yet here was someone who realised they were lucky to have the opportunity of education and were determined to make the best of it.

If you had to give a business one piece of advice what would it be?

Never be afraid to challenge the status quo - “a different way of thinking”

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