Board services

Board performance is critical to the success of any business. A great board generally equates to a great company, and great results.

When a board provides sound leadership and breadth, beyond key people, this has an almost linear influence on staff performance – people naturally ‘invest’ more of themselves when they see a professional and well-run board of directors. It provides comfort and inspiration.

How we can help

Remaining compliant

International corporate governance is constantly evolving and the board’s need to ensure the company remains compliant. We follow developments closely and advise and assist our customers to ensure they remain compliant – and in business!

Best of breed

Highly regulated sectors and jurisdictions requires additional work. We can work with your chairman, non-executive directors, chief executives and other board members to provide ‘best of breed’ services including board evaluations, board member competencies, incentive schemes for boards and executive management audits. This work also extends to shareholders and owners of the business.


Board-level appraisals and evaluation have become invaluable to driving business success. An effective appraisal process might concentrate on the exploration of the board’s strategy, reviewing and evaluating present and future opportunities, determining strategic options and ensuring that the company’s organisational structure and capabilities are appropriate for implementing the chosen strategies. We’ll work with you to ensure that appraisals are suitable in line with your business objectives.