Internal Communication

Effective internal communications are vital to the health of every organisation and most companies assume they are good at it.

When considering the effectiveness of your internal communications, it is worth asking:

Are the objectives of the organisation, as described by your CEO, permeating all the way through the ranks? Are senior executives on board and aligned? Are middle managers focusing on a totally different set of issues? Do frontline employees understand what’s on the minds of their leaders and their line management? Just as importantly, do leaders understand what’s on the mind of frontline employees?

How we can help

Drive business performance
Even companies who have good internal communications are often missing out on vital elements or aren’t making the most of these. We can advise you how to use internal communications to drive better business performance.

Making each individual feel included
We start with the understanding that every organisation is a collection of individuals, each of whom has a point of view about goals, challenges and dynamics of the company.

Engage with everyone
We can help you give everyone in the organisation a common sense of purpose and direction, and engage your employees to make them motivated ambassadors for the organisation.

Review and improve
We’ll review your internal communications and show you how to better use your communications across the whole organisation (not just in the management structure) to ensure everyone is involved in the dialogue and receiving a consistent message.

Better use communication channels
We will help you understand the communications channels available and help implement those which are appropriate to your organisation.

On-going Feedback
Help you to implement a continuous review and feedback loop.

Crisis and business changes
We can help you with effectively communicate during crisis and change management situations to ensure a more secure feeling for your workforce.