Non-executive directors

The non-executive director’s role is to facilitate a creative contribution to the board by providing independent oversight and constructive challenge to the executive directors. This person quickly adds value to your business, bringing an independent judgement on issues of strategy, performance and resources including key appointments and standards of conduct. Non-executive directors provide important input in the proper running of companies.

For new and diversifying businesses the addition of a non-executive director may help become a more credible candidate to acquire blue-chip customers or to achieve a higher premium for your services. 

The non-executive director can also assist when your business needs more rigorous compliance with regulations or business standards.

How we can help

Critical friend 

Where your board needs some additional expertise to make sure it has a full breadth of capability we can bring in a suitable non-executive director. This person will be highly experienced and can be a critical friend to your board, providing an objective view on matters.

Optimal composition 

Our combined expertise in board management and governance provides the ideal platform from which to discuss with you and advise you on the optimal composition of an effective board for your company.  Aspects such as the competency-fit and the cultural synergy within your existing board may seem trivial but, addressed properly, can truly add value to your business.


We will also advise on timing. Engaging a non-executive director might be the ideal solution during different stages of your businesses journey especially when meeting challenges or new directions.