"help us turn around the business..."

When it became evident that our company was in severe difficulties, we appointed Auxesia to help us find and solve the root issues and to help us turn around the business. They quickly identified a number of reasons for our problems and gave us excellent, professional advice as well as taking hands on, practical action. This involved re-engineering our marketing strategy, our HR policies, procedures and structure, and ensuring full compliance across the business.  It is not an exaggeration to say that our business would not exist today without our partnership with Auxesia. - Business Owner, Leisure Sector


"Auxesia’s mentoring style has been hugely successful..."

It has been so refreshing to work with Auxesia, with their different philosophy and approach to customer relationships. I have worked closely with Auxesia since we established our company several years ago. They have assisted the board with strategic guidance, evaluation and development of the board, and ensuring that we implement the best structures and systems for our business as we have progressed through the growth cycle. Furthermore, Auxesia’s mentoring style has been hugely successful for several of our executive board members and senior staff. I would unreservedly recommend Auxesia as a valuable partner. - Finance Director, Service Provider


"transformed our workflows and systems..."

I’d like thank Stuart & Belinda for their friendly support and guidance. In the few years we have worked together, they have gradually transformed our workflows and systems in a way that was hardly noticeable at the time but has greatly impacted and improved our company. Their ability to see the right strategic opportunities and to help us implement with their attention to detail, has been invaluable. - Director, Biomed sector


"they encouraged and supported my passion..."

I am so grateful to the team at Auxesia. From the moment we first met, they encouraged and supported my passion to start my company, taking the time to listen to and understand my ideas and ambition to own a business. They explained to me how I could realise that ambition successfully and then helped me at every stage, working with me to achieve everything I’d set out to do. - Local Entrepreneur