What does Auxesia mean?


Auxesia was the Greek mythological goddess who represented the seasons granting growth and prosperity.


In the same way as the goddess, we look to help business leaders, wherever they are on their journey, grow and flourish. 


Our aim

Our purpose is to help businesses at different stages of their development, to find those incremental improvements in performance which ultimately add up to a profound improvement in success.


Our philosophy

We believe passionately in providing each client with an outstanding and effective service.


Henry Ford was quoted as saying ‘A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business’. We can help you succeed, whatever your definition of success is.


We keep our core lean and mean and thereby keeping costs down as well as the personal service and attention to detail that only a smaller company can provide.


Our qualified experts are highly experienced and their skills will add value to your business. No one is an expert in everything which is why we have a network of consultants skilled in an array of different areas to provide you with a complete jigsaw of business skills and tools without having to impose substantial central costs to fund a large infrastructure.


Our background

Our expertise is derived from years at the leading edge of various business sectors, from international pharmaceutical, finance and manufacturing worlds to the leisure and utilities industries. We also have experience of the unique dynamics of charitable trusts.


We also have extensive experience in are insurance, investment, amenities, trust and company, and contract services.


Our experience has taken us from start-ups to companies with over £100m turnover.


We have distilled all our real-world experience into a set of practices and wisdoms in business, which are proven to enhance performance and achieve results, and which are equally relevant to organisations in all sectors.