Mentoring & Coaching

Our mentoring and coaching service is available both for corporate delivery and for individuals. Whilst the style of coaching is broadly the same for each, there is a change in emphasis in some of the aspects. For example, it is likely that corporate coaching would place importance on strategies and specific performance. These things would be covered with an individual too, but sometimes with a little less intensity whereas other, more specific, issues may dominate.


Leadership Coaching & Development

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Coaching for Future Leaders

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Working with you as my client, I provide a catalyst for positive and lasting change, helping you to move forwards in your projects and careers by optimising your abilities.

Why use an executive coach & mentor?

We all strive to be the best versions of ourselves, but this needs time and focus; commodities in short supply for the busy executive. A coach will provide you with the ‘listening space’ you need to improve your motivation, self-awareness and leadership effectiveness, whist challenging you to analyse options and to achieve your goals.


How Does Executive Coaching Help?

Our bespoke executive coaching programmes will help you elevate your management and leadership capabilities and drive transformative change for you and your organisation. You will discover the unique difference that a targeted coaching programme can make, and for similar costs to generalist training courses and seminars. There are a multitude of benefits to you and your staff, just a few of which are listed here:

  • Enhanced decision making to improve navigation of complex situations, and to make informed decisions that align with company goals
  • Leadership development is essential for succession planning and for staff retention/motivation as well as improving outputs across the business as the new skills and refined mindsets cascade through the organisation
  • Shining a light on and cultivating the essential soft skills like emotional intelligence, strategic thinking, and influential communication
  • Improved change management skills, including a new mental approach that embraces rather than fears change. This enables you and your leaders to lead your team through transitional phases seamlessly and effectively
  • Development of a growth mindset, where continuous improvement is sought, and the ‘can do’ attitude becomes normal.

Typically, organisations see improvements in business growth, collaboration, innovation and the sense of team, once the effects of coaching begin to emerge.


Delivering Real Results

Our Executive Coaching programme can help you to fully harness your inner resources and give you the confidence, knowledge and know-how that can remove blockages and accelerate progress towards your goals.  Every single issue faced by Executives can be categorised as being down to either a belief, a knowledge gap, or a fear.  All three of these things affect our behaviours, and our behaviours affect everything and everyone around us.

Our coaching will help you identify any issues in this way, and will guide and support you in addressing them.

We are here to challenge you, push you and help you to move forward in your professional career, empowering you to be the very best version of you and enabling you to get the business results you crave. Our purpose is not to make you merely survive, but to help you thrive.

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