The Auxesia Academy

Our mission is to improve leadership standards.

Too often great people are promoted and never given any proper leadership training.  Some get it over time, others ‘fake it til they make it’, others decide they cannot cope with it.  The Academy provides courses on people-related issues:  Leadership, maximising performance; optimising teams; effective communications. 

We are primarily a Coaching and Mentoring business.  However, since much of what we do is about developing and enhancing the potential of people and teams, courses sometimes are appropriate to offer where we consider them to be the best solution.  We like to think of ourselves as being bespoke development agents!

In order to provide the best mix of people services, we run occasional specialist courses for limited numbers.  These run under our Academy banner.

Examples of courses run at The Academy include:

Aspiring Leaders

We often identify those within our business who show great potential and think of them as ‘future leaders’.  “Aspiring Leaders” is a one day programme aimed at these rising stars. It will help them to consider what type of leader they aspire to be. To think carefully about their preferred style, their impact upon others and indeed how they react when people impact upon them.  We believe that leadership is best learned through doing - and on this premise the Aspiring Leaders event takes an 'experiential' design. 

Thoughtful Leadership

This programme is structured as a series of 'meetings of minds'.  Together with other senior leaders we facilitate deep reflection and provide important insights into true leadership, dealing with its direct and indirect impact, to create a mindset of supported, continuous improvement.

Optimal Teams

This two day programme is based upon the internationally renowned and provocatively written work of Patrick Lencioni.  It is often said that when all else is set aside, the performance of an organisation will be most affected by the ‘strength of the relationships and the quality of the communication’.

Lencioni’s 5 stage model provides a structure through which we take a 2 day deep dive into team performance. It is ideally suited to senior and executive teams who wish to reset or challenge patterns of ingrained ineffective behaviours.

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